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Your Alternative to Parcl,Deliveringparcel is the Only Package Forwarding Company in the World offering Services from 40 countries,Best alternative parcel forwarding company

The Australian based forwarding service Parcl officially suspended operations in october of 2021,leaving many customers frustrated and unable to have their purchases forwarded and shipped around the world.

Fortunately though, that’s where Deliveringparcel can help, offering the best alternative service to Parcl, no matter where you need to ship your goods to and from.

Why Deliveringparcel is the Best Alternative to Parcl

If you were previously a customer with Parcl and are now looking for an alternative service, what makes deliveringparcel the best choice for your parcel forwarding?

We offer parcel forwarding to over 200 countries in as little as two days, allowing you to shop at thousands of websites in the but here are some more reasons why we believe we’re the best alternative to Parcl. 

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Shopper can enjoy maximum liberty of shopping with no hindrance as there is no sign up fees and monthly subscriptions.


Deliveringparcel is the only Parcel forwarding Company in the world who is providing Package Reshipping Services from almost every continent .


If you’re shipping multiple packages at the same time, you can save even more money by consolidating all of your goods into one package to be sent to you.  


Forward2Me mainly targets customers looking to shop from the UK and Europe and Shipito targets customers interested in shopping from the US, Deliveringparcel is the Only Package Forwarding Company in the World offering Services from 40 + countries such as Ukraine,Malaysia,Poland,UAE and the List Goes on .

Competitive Pricing

All of our shipping services are economical across a broad range of weights and destinations, with no hidden costs or monthly fees.

If you want to know more about Deliveringparcel or have any questions about the services that we can provide,get intouch by emailing [email protected] or by whatsapp +447310233923

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