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The saying about life being a bowl of cherries isn’t always true. In fact, life can be a bit unfair at times. This is particularly the case for those who reside in Europe and are namely countries that are part of the EU (European Union).

Deliveringparcel provides Europe Parcel Forwarding and Shipping Service to US shop in ship

It’s not that we lack an abundant supply of cherries. It is more to do with limited supply when it comes to purchasing goods from the United States. Many US-based companies simply won’t ship their products internationally. The lower 48 States are their niche, and the only way to get their product in a European household is if the customer knows someone who lives in the US that is willing to ship it to them.

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This was the reality for a few of my friends who are surfing enthusiasts. They found a good deal on a surfboard from a US-based company. The company wouldn’t ship to Europe, and they were stumped. They had no way to justify the high shipping charges that would result from having a friend ship it to them, not to mention the possibility of their board getting damaged in transit. It seemed like a lost cause until they discovered parcel forwarding. Riordan Rikk and Ryan Delp were able to ship to US address that Riordan happened to have thanks to a relative living in the states.Then they used a parcel forwarding company to get the board to their doorsteps in Portugal.

Forwarding packages from EU to US

For parcel forwarding, the task done is quite the same as I said before, where they are used to help businesses. The only difference is that the business owner will buy the shipping service on their own and there is no purchasing transaction involved. These days, most businesses prefer self forwarding due to the cost being much cheaper than buying the shipping service through the forwarder.

Out for Delivery US packages

In shipment forwarding, the forwarder would help their customer, which is the shopper or expat, to do the purchasing transaction. They would do the purchasing on behalf of the customer because the customer could not buy it themselves, whether because the store does not provide international shipping or the store does not accept foreigners as their customers. After finishing purchasing all the items, the forwarder would ask the store to send all the items to the forwarder’s address, and then the forwarder will arrange all of the items and ship them to the customer’s home country.

Company Shipping

It is a shipping solution that would allow shoppers, expatriates, and online businesses to ship or receive the items that they buy, be it from an online store or from individuals, to the forwarder’s address before the items are sent to their home country. It’s like creating a transit for the items. There are two types of forwarding. One is shipment forwarding and another is self forwarding. The task done is quite the same, but they are used in different scenarios. Shipment forwarding is applicable for shoppers and expatriates, while self forwarding is mainly used by online businesses.

Shop in Ship

Some customers have the experience that the product they desire is not available in their own country. Because some international stores do not ship goods to certain countries due to fine print or the country being outside of their shipping zones. The product will eventually become available through mail forwarding, and the customer will be able to obtain the product that they desired.

Send Package to UK

Parcel forwarding is affordable, and there are providers offering shopping services at an affordable price. This can potentially mean saving some money on the product, as there are many countries with varying prices on the same product.
People who reside in remote areas in Europe mainly purchase their products from abroad. In cases where the retailers are not shipping to the customer’s country, such as a resident of Belarus purchasing product from the UK, the customer can then feel the need for mail or parcel forwarding. Mail and parcel forwarding have a number of benefits for people who are forced to use it.

Delivering parcel

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Value added Parcel Forwarder Services


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