International Package and mail Forwarding Services

Package consolidation service

Package forwarding guide and steps . shop and ship using parcel forwarding company .

Choose a Package Forwarding Service

Research and select a reputable package forwarding service that suits your needs. Look for services that offer competitive shipping rates, reliable service, package consolidation and good customer reviews.

Get a Forwarding Address

Create an account with the package forwarding service. They will assign you a unique forwarding address, typically located in the country where you want your packages to be forwarded.

Provide the Forwarding Address

When shopping online or placing orders, use the forwarding address provided by the package forwarding service as the shipping address. Make sure to enter the address correctly to avoid any delivery issues.

Notify the Package Forwarding Service

Once you’ve placed an order, notify your package forwarding service about incoming packages. This step is crucial as they need to be aware of the expected deliveries and associate them with your account.

Package Receipt and Storage

When your packages arrive at the forwarding address, the package forwarding service will receive them on your behalf. They will then store the packages in a secure facility until further instructions from you.

Package Consolidation

If you’ve made multiple purchases from different online retailers, you can request package consolidation. The forwarding service will combine your packages into a single shipment, which can save you money on shipping costs.

Choose Shipping Method

Once you’re ready to have your packages shipped to your desired destination, you can choose a shipping method provided by the forwarding service. They typically offer a range of options, including express delivery, standard shipping, and economy shipping.

Pay for Shipping and Additional Services

The package forwarding service will calculate the shipping charges based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of your packages. They may also offer additional services like insurance, package inspection, or customs documentation assistance, which you can choose to add for an extra fee.

Customs Declaration and Compliance

If you’re shipping internationally, you will need to comply with customs regulations. The package forwarding service can assist you with filling out the necessary customs declaration forms accurately to facilitate smooth customs clearance.

Package Delivery

After completing the necessary paperwork and paying for the shipping costs, the package forwarding service will ship your packages to your designated address. They will provide you with a tracking number so that you can monitor the progress of your shipment.

Receive and Enjoy Your Packages: Once your packages are delivered to your doorstep, you can enjoy your purchases from around the world!