International Package and mail Forwarding Services

DeliveringParcel: Your Reliable Forwarder and Reshipper

In the rapidly expanding world of e-commerce, where borders are virtually non-existent, the desire to access products from around the world is at an all-time high. However, not all retailers offer international shipping. This is where forwarders and reshippers play a pivotal role.

deliveringparcel your reliable forwarder and reshipper


DeliveringParcel stands as a reliable forwarder and reshipper, connecting consumers to global markets and making cross-border shopping a seamless and convenient experience. In this blog, we’ll explore what sets DeliveringParcel apart as a trusted forwarder and reshipper.

Understanding DeliveringParcel:

DeliveringParcel acts as a bridge between consumers and retailers. It provides a personalized address to shoppers, allowing them to purchase products from various regions. Once the packages are received at the DeliveringParcel facility, they offer package consolidation if needed and subsequently forward the consolidated package to the customer’s address.

**1. Forwarder: Unlocking Global Shopping Opportunities:

As a forwarder, DeliveringParcel provides consumers with local addresses in different countries. This facilitates shopping from retailers in those regions, overcoming geographical limitations. Consumers can browse and buy from their preferred international stores as if they were local.

Key Benefits of Forwarding Services:

  • Access to Global Brands: Forwarding services grant access to international brands and products that may not be readily available in the consumer’s home country.
  • Freedom to Shop Anywhere: With a local address in various countries, consumers can shop from any online retailer, broadening their shopping horizons.
  • Package Consolidation: Forwarding services often offer package consolidation, enabling consumers to bundle multiple purchases into one shipment, thus reducing shipping costs.

**2. Reshipper: Streamlining Package Delivery:

DeliveringParcel shines as a reshipper, simplifying the package delivery process. Once the packages are received, they are efficiently reshipped to the customer’s specified address, ensuring secure and prompt delivery of purchases.

Key Benefits of Reshipping Services:

Efficient Package Handling

Reshipping services streamline the handling of packages, ensuring they reach the intended recipient in a timely and secure manner.

Secure Shipping

Reshipping services prioritize package security, providing a reliable solution for delivering purchases.

Customer Support

Reshipping services often offer dedicated customer support to assist consumers throughout the shipping and delivery process, enhancing the overall customer experience.

DeliveringParcel: A Fusion of Forwarding and Reshipping:

DeliveringParcel seamlessly combines the benefits of both forwarding and reshipping services. It not only provides local addresses for shopping from international retailers but also efficiently handles the forwarding and reshipping processes, ensuring packages reach customers reliably and in the best condition.


DeliveringParcel stands as a trusted forwarder and reshipper, empowering consumers to access a global marketplace. With its ability to provide local addresses, facilitate package forwarding, offer package consolidation, and ensure secure reshipping,

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