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DeliveringParcel is Your best 1 Go-To Forward2me and ColisExpat Alternative Review

Are you in need of a reliable forwarding service to help you ship parcels from the US to Europe and beyond? Look no further than DeliveringParcel! With our proxy buyer services, package consolidation, and cheap shipping rates to over 200 countries, we provide a top-notch alternative to Forward2me and ColisExpat review. Read on to learn more about why DeliveringParcel is the right choice for all your shipping needs.


Do You Need a Forward2me and COLISEXPAT Alternative Review?

If you’ve been disappointed by the services offered by Forward2me and Shipito, it’s time to explore a better alternative. DeliveringParcel stands out as a trusted and efficient parcel forwarding service that goes above and beyond to meet your shipping needs. With our wide range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are here to make sure your parcels are delivered safely and on time.

Experience the Convenience of Proxy Buyer Services

When you shop from international stores that don’t ship to your country, DeliveringParcel can step in as your proxy buyer. Our team in the Netherlands can purchase items on your behalf and ship them directly to your address. Whether you need something from Mexico, France, Canada, Australia, or any of the 200 countries we serve, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and let DeliveringParcel handle the logistics for you.

Package Consolidation for Cost-Efficient Shipping

One of the key advantages of using DeliveringParcel is our package consolidation service. Instead of shipping multiple parcels separately, we can consolidate them into one package to save you money on shipping costs. Our team will also provide repackaging and custom declaration services to ensure your parcels meet all international shipping requirements. With DeliveringParcel, you can enjoy reliable shipping solutions without breaking the bank.

Expertise You Can Trust for International Shipping

At DeliveringParcel, we take pride in our expertise and professionalism when it comes to international shipping. Our team is highly experienced in handling shipments to various countries around the world, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your parcels arrive safely and securely. With DeliveringParcel, you can trust that your items are in good hands every step of the way.

Affordable Shipping Rates to 200 Countries

Another reason to choose DeliveringParcel as your go-to forwarding service is our affordable shipping rates to 200 countries worldwide. We understand that shipping costs can quickly add up, especially for international deliveries. That’s why we offer competitive rates and transparent pricing to help you save money on your shipments. With DeliveringParcel, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your parcels are in good hands at a price that fits your budget.


In conclusion, DeliveringParcel is the ultimate alternative to Forward2me and ColisExpat, offering a wide range of services, expert knowledge, and affordable shipping rates to 200 countries worldwide. Whether you need a proxy buyer, package consolidation, or reliable international shipping, we’ve got you covered. Make the smart choice for all your shipping needs and experience the difference with DeliveringParcel today.

Why Choose DeliveringParcel?

  • Expertise: With years of experience in the proxy buying industry, DeliveringParcel has honed its skills to provide top-notch services to customers all over Europe.
  • Authority: We are recognized as a leader in the field, with a solid reputation for delivering parcels safely and securely to our customers.
  • Trust: Our customers trust us to handle their packages with care and discretion, ensuring that their items arrive at their doorstep in perfect condition.

Free Storage Facility

At DeliveringParcel, we understand that timing is everything when it comes to parcel delivery. That’s why we offer a free storage facility for repack and send using reshipper and parcel forwarder services. This means that you can have your items stored securely with us until you are ready to have them shipped to your location.

Repack and Send Services

Our repack and send services are designed to ensure that your parcels arrive at their destination in the best possible condition. Our team of experts will carefully repack your items to minimize any risk of damage during transit. With DeliveringParcel, you can rest assured that your packages are in safe hands.

Reshipper Services

DeliveringParcel works with trusted reshipper services to ensure that your parcels reach you in a timely manner. We partner with reputable companies that have a proven track record of delivering parcels efficiently and securely. With DeliveringParcel, you can relax knowing that your packages are in good hands.

Parcel Forwarder Services

Our parcel forwarder services are designed to make international shipping easy and hassle-free. We work with a network of reliable carriers to ensure that your parcels are delivered to you quickly and securely. With DeliveringParcel, you can shop from European countries like Denmark, Norway, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany with confidence, knowing that your items will reach you safely.

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