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How to Shop Internationally and Save With Package Forwarding

How to Shop Internationally and Save Big With Package Forwarding Companies

Ever wish you could shop anywhere in the world and still get the best deals delivered right to your door? Good news—now you can. With parcel forwarding companies, shopping internationally is easier than ever. No more paying exorbitant shipping fees or dealing with the hassle of customs. These services allow you to ship purchases from retailers in the US, UK, Europe or beyond and deliver them directly to you, no matter where you are. You get access to products and prices that previously weren’t available in your country, all without breaking the bank on shipping costs. Using a parcel forwarder is a total game changer for savvy shoppers and bargain hunters. Keep reading to find out how these services work and how you can start saving big on your international shopping today.How to Shop Internationally and Save With Package Forwarding

What Is Parcel Forwarding and How Can It Help You Shop Internationally?

What Is Parcel Forwarding and How Can It Help You Shop Internationally?

Ever found something you desperately wanted to buy, only to discover that the online store doesn’t ship internationally or charges an arm and a leg for delivery to your address? That’s where parcel forwarding comes in.

Parcel forwarding services offer you a shipping address in countries like the US, UK or China. You get items delivered to that address, then the company repacks and consolidates everything into one parcel to forward to you. This allows you to shop from retailers that don’t usually deliver overseas.

Not only does it give you access to stores you couldn’t buy from before, but you’ll also save a ton on shipping costs. International delivery charges are often based on size and weight, so consolidating multiple packages into one can slash your shipping bill. Some services even offer free US shipping and storage, so you only pay to ship the single parcel to your door.

You do have to pay for the forwarding service, but fees are typically very reasonable, especially if you’re making larger purchases or buying in bulk. The savings on shipping will usually more than offset the fees. Many also offer package tracking, insurance and customer service to help ensure your items arrive safely.

So if you’re an avid international shopper, want access to wider range of products or simply want to save on shipping, consider using a parcel forwarding company. They make it easy to buy from abroad and can save you a sizable chunk of change, allowing you to shop internationally for less. Your dream items are only a click away!

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Package Forwarding Service

Using a package forwarding service offers some major benefits for international shoppers. Here are the top 5:

Lower Shipping Costs

By consolidating multiple packages into one shipment to your address, you can save a bundle on shipping fees. Most parcel forwarders offer volume-based discounts and cheaper rates than major carriers.

Access to Retailers that Don’t Ship Internationally

There are many online stores that only ship within their own country. Package forwarding services give you a local address so you can shop from these retailers and still get your items delivered internationally.

Faster Shipping

Since the package forwarder is located in the same country as the retailers you’re buying from, your items can be shipped quickly to their warehouse. They then efficiently handle customs clearance and repackaging so your consolidated shipment arrives faster than if you ordered directly for international shipping.

Safer Shipping

Using a package forwarding service means your parcels are better handled and protected during transit. The forwarder is set up to properly pack and ship all types of items to minimize damage and loss. They are also experts in navigating customs requirements for different countries to ensure quick clearance and delivery.

Easier Returns

If any items need to be returned, the process is simpler when using a parcel forwarder. You ship the return back to their local address, avoiding international return shipping fees and complex customs procedures. The forwarder then handles the return for you and issues any refunds or exchanges with the retailer on your behalf.

Choosing the Best Parcel Forwarding Company for Your Needs

Choosing a parcel forwarding company that meets your specific needs will ensure a smooth shipping experience. Some factors to consider:

Locations and Coverage

Make sure the company ships to and from your desired locations. Many cover major shopping hubs like the US, UK, China, and Europe, but fewer ship to places like South America or Africa. Check which retailers and sites they support shipping from as well. The more locations and stores covered, the more you can shop from anywhere.

Pricing and Fees

Compare companies’ pricing for the types of items you’ll be shipping. Things like size/weight limits, handling fees, and insurance rates can vary. Some charge monthly membership fees while others have pay-as-you-go options. See if they offer any discounts or coupon codes to help you save. The cheapest reshipping services often have lower coverage and more restrictions, so weigh your options carefully.

Consolidation and Re-Packaging

Having your purchases consolidated into one package and re-packed efficiently before shipping can make a big difference in your total shipping costs. Look for a company that offers these services and see if they charge extra fees for doing so. They should re-pack your items securely so nothing is damaged in transit.

Transit Times and Tracking

Check the company’s average shipping transit times to see how long it may take for your packages to arrive. Faster service typically costs more, so see what options they offer based on your needs. Also, ensure they provide package tracking and insurance in case anything gets lost or delayed.

Restricted and Prohibited Items

Make sure you understand the company’s policies on restricted and prohibited items to avoid issues shipping certain products. Things like batteries, perfumes, supplements, and perishable goods often have special rules or may not be allowed. Following their guidelines will ensure quick processing and delivery of your packages.

Comparing companies across these factors will help you find the best parcel forwarding service for getting your international shopping delivered. With the right reshipping partner, you’ll be getting great deals from around the world in no time.

How to Use a Reshipping Service to Consolidate and Save on International Shipping

Using a reshipping service is a great way to save money on international shipping. Once you’ve placed orders with your favorite retailers, the reshipper will receive the items at their warehouse and consolidate them into one package before shipping to you. This allows you to avoid paying high shipping fees on multiple orders.

Consolidate Your Orders

Place orders with as many stores as you like and have all the items shipped to the reshipper’s address. They will receive your parcels, unpack them, and combine everything into a single box to ship to you. No more paying for shipping on 10 different orders! The reshipper handles the repacking and consolidation, passing on major savings to you.


Not only will a reshipping service consolidate multiple orders into one, but they will also repackage the items to optimize space. This allows them to choose the most cost-effective shipping option for the total volume and weight. They are experts in packing efficiently and securely to minimize excess space in the package. Your goods will be well protected for international transit.

Competitive Rates

Reshipping services are able to offer reduced rates on international shipping through partnerships with major carriers. They receive substantial volume discounts which they pass onto customers. In most cases, you’ll pay 30-50% less on shipping costs compared to shipping directly with retailers or shipping carriers.

Door-to-Door Service

From the time you place your orders to the moment your package is delivered to your door, the reshipping service will handle the entire process. They provide a convenient door-to-door service so you can shop hassle-free from anywhere in the world. No more struggling with multiple shipments or excessive customs forms. Let the experts take care of the details!

Using a reshipping service for your international orders is a no-brainer. The savings in shipping fees, simplified process, and expert handling of your goods make it worthwhile for any global shopper. Say goodbye to the headache of international shipping and save your money for the things that really matter.

Case Study: Saving Money on International Shipping With DeliveringParcel

When shopping internationally, the high cost of shipping can quickly eat into your savings. However, by using a package forwarding service like DeliveringParcel, you can consolidate multiple orders into one shipment and save big on delivery fees.

Save on Shipping

With DeliveringParcel, you get a virtual shipping address in the U.S., U.K., Europe or Asia to which all your purchases are delivered. The items are then consolidated into one package and shipped directly to your door. This allows you to take advantage of any free shipping offers from retailers and only pay for the final delivery. You can also buy in bulk since you’re not limited by what you can carry home.

Track Your Purchases

Once your items arrive at the DeliveringParcel warehouse, you’ll receive notification and photos so you can verify the condition before reshipping. This gives you peace of mind that everything arrived as expected before paying the final shipping costs. You’ll also receive updates at every step so you know the location of your package.

Insurance and Customs Clearance

DeliveringParcel also takes care of any customs clearance on your behalf and provides insurance for your package. This protects you in the event anything is lost or damaged during the final shipping process. You won’t have to deal with confusing customs forms or risk having your items seized or incurring additional fees.

Flexible Shipping Options

Choose from a variety of shipping carriers and services to suit your needs. Opt for budget-friendly but slower sea shipping for larger items or choose express air shipping if you need something quickly. You can also select services with tracking, insurance and signature on delivery. Whatever you choose, DeliveringParcel aims to find you the best available rate for your shipment’s destination.

Using a package forwarding service for your international shopping needs is a smart way to cut costs and gain peace of mind. Give DeliveringParcel a try—you’ll save money and enjoy greater convenience and flexibility. Your global shopping spree awaits!


After reading this, you should feel empowered to shop anywhere in the world and have your items delivered right to your door. No more being limited to what’s available in your local stores or paying exorbitant shipping fees. With package forwarding services, the world is your oyster. You can find the best deals from retailers across the globe and save a bundle on shipping costs. It may seem complicated, but these companies make the process seamless. Sign up for an account, provide your shipping info, and start filling your cart from wherever you find the best bargains. Before you know it, you’ll receive your items neatly repacked and consolidated, as if they shipped directly from one retailer. So don’t wait – start shopping internationally today and open yourself up to a whole new world of deals and steals. The savings are waiting for you.

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