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What is a package forwarding service?

There are so many online stores that you can purchase the needed item from. But, not all of them are shipping to the desired location. Let’s assume you found a website in the UK or USA that sells exactly what you needed, but they do not ship to Europe. So, what to do in such a case? You book a parcel forwarding service!

how does the parcel forwarding service work?

Let’s still assume the previous example. The shipment will not be sent directly to your location in Europe, but instead, the package will be forwarded to a different delivery address in the UK, and from there, with the right shipping service, it will be sent to Europe.

Benefits of Package Forwarding for the Shoppers 

Shoppers using a package forwarding service can buy items from any online store overseas,International shopper can enjoy borderless shopping and shipping and can check out from any store worldwide.

Whats the difference between mail and package forwarding?

However, you should remember that forwarding mail is different from the package forwarding service. Mail is forwarded usually when there is an address change. Assuming you have moved away from one location to another, the mail will be sent to the old address if the postal system hasn’t updated the new address. 

Can Deliveringparcel organise package forwarding service?

Deliveringparcel provides Package forwarding Services from USA EUROPE AUSTRALASIA UK. Get a Free Residential address for reshipping Purposes.

what makes the best parcel forwarding company ?

Using a package forwarder allows you more buying options because it won’t matter if the retailer does not ship directly to your country of residence. 

Another big advantage of using a package forwarder over a direct shipping option (if available) is the ability to combine packages from different retailers! We offer a cost-eff 3-in-1 package consolidation service for free.

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