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Package Forwarding

What is parcel forwarding?

Package forwarding, also called Parcel forwarding, is an international shipping service offered to international online shoppers who want to do cross-border online shopping.

What is parcel forwarding used for?

Parcel forwarding is mostly used for online shopping in another country via websites that don’t deliver directly to your country. For instance, US online stores are popular worldwide, but some of them only ship to US addresses or their international shipping rates are prohibitive.

Is parcel forwarding safe?

It’s relatively safe and reliable, especially when dealing with a reputable company. That’s why checking customer reviews on a particular company before subscribing to their service is advisable. Avoid companies whose offer sounds too good to be accurate and have very few or poor ratings.

delivering parcel

What is the cheapest package forwarding service?

Delivering parcel is the cheapest packages forwarding services in the US. As they offer no membership or monthly fees, tax-free shipping, and free 45-day package storage.


Reshipment is the process of replacing an order and shipping a new order to a customer a second time after the original shipment was incorrect, arrived damaged, was lost in transit, or any other reason that would require a replacement order.

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