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Maximize your shopping possibilities with package reshipment and

If you’re shopping from France and want to ship to Canada, using a European proxy shipping address will streamline the process and give you access to a wide range of products from famous brand stores and websites.

Middleman Shipping Company

By using a proxy address, individuals can benefit from European pricing, special offers, and products not readily available in Canada. With the right proxy service, your customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience, secure international shipping, and potentially reduced shipping costs.

Proxy Shopping

This approach extends shopping opportunities globally, giving you access to coveted items and unique finds around the world. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or specialty items, using a proxy address for shopping is a convenient solution for anyone looking to buy from abroad.

Package reshipment europena proxy shipping

Forwarding Abroad 

To ship your packages seamlessly and affordably, look no further than deliveringparcel. Our professional services provide US shipping addresses through deliveringparcel, giving you easy access to free US addresses to assist you with your shopping.

Shipping Shop

Since we specialize in shipping to Canada, we can provide you with a shipping quote. Whether you need assistance with a purchase or purchase, Deliveringparcel is your trusted partner. Our services span the globe, offering delivery assistance to Malaysia, Mexico, Europe, Spain and the UK.


Calling all buyers around the world! 🌍✈️ Introducing DeliveringParcel – the ultimate solution for seamless global shopping! 📦💼 Thanks to our extensive network of trusted partners around the world, we can deliver your purchases from international stores to We guarantee that your products will be delivered directly to your home without any hassle. 🛍️✨ Shop from your favorite brands and enjoy access to products from around the world without worrying about shipping restrictions.

can you reship amazon boxes

Yes, as long as you have a parcel forwarding service like DeliveringParcel, you can reship Amazon boxes to your desired location. Simply sign up with DeliveringParcel, obtain your unique forwarding address, and provide this address as the shipping destination when placing your Amazon order. Once your package arrives at the DeliveringParcel warehouse, they will consolidate and forward it to your specified address. This way, you can enjoy shopping from Amazon and have your packages delivered globally with ease.


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