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What is Package Forwarding and its top 3 ultimate benefits

In today’s globalized world, shopping knows no boundaries. Thanks to the internet, you can buy products from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. However,question is what is package forwarding ? shipping these items to your doorstep, especially if you’re an international customer, can be a challenge. That’s where package forwarding comes in. This blog post will explore what package forwarding is, its benefits, and how it can save you money.

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<H2>What is Package Forwarding?

what is Package forwarding, package forwarding, also known as parcel forwarding, is a service that enables international shoppers to purchase products from online retailers in different countries and have those products shipped to their local address. Essentially, it acts as a bridge between the retailer and the international buyer, ensuring that goods are delivered seamlessly across borders.

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Sign Up: You register with a package forwarding company and get a local shipping address in the country where the retailer is located.
  2. Shop Online: Use this local address when shopping on websites that do not ship internationally.
  3. Receive at Warehouse: The package is delivered to the package forwarding company’s warehouse.
  4. Forward to You: The company then forwards the package to your international address.

Benefits of Using a Reshipping Service

Access to Global Markets

One of the most significant benefits of what is package forwarding is that it opens up the global market to consumers. You can shop from retailers anywhere in the world, even those that do not offer international shipping.

Consolidation of Packages

Many package forwarding services offer consolidation options. This means they can combine multiple packages into one, reducing shipping costs and making it more convenient for you to receive all your purchases at once.

Cost Savings

Shipping internationally can be expensive, but what is package forwarding services often have partnerships with shipping carriers, allowing them to offer discounted rates. Additionally, consolidating packages can further reduce shipping costs.

Transparency and Tracking

Most package forwarding companies provide tracking services, so you know exactly where your package is at all times. This transparency builds trust and ensures peace of mind for international shoppers.

Avoiding Sales Tax

By using a package forwarding address in a state or country with no sales tax, you can save money on your purchases. This is particularly beneficial for high-value items.

Shop and Ship vs. Package Forwarding

The terms “shop and ship” and “package forwarding” are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences. Shop and ship services typically involve both purchasing and shipping the items for you, whereas package forwarding focuses solely on shipping. In shop and ship services, you may also find additional features like product consolidation, repackaging, and even assisted or proxy buying.

How Much Does Package Forwarding Cost?

The cost of package forwarding can vary based on several factors:

  • Shipping Costs: These depend on the weight and dimensions of the package, as well as the destination country.
  • Service Fees: Package forwarding companies charge a service fee for receiving, processing, and shipping your package.
  • Additional Services: If you opt for additional services like consolidation, repackaging, or storage, there may be extra charges.

It’s essential to compare different package forwarding companies to find one that offers competitive rates and meets your specific needs.

What is Proxy Buying?

Proxy buying, also known as assisted purchasing, is a service where the package forwarding company purchases items on your behalf. This is particularly useful for international shoppers who face payment or shipping restrictions.

Main Points of Proxy Buying:

  • Accessibility: Buy from retailers that don’t accept international payment methods or ship to your country.
  • Convenience: The proxy buyer handles all aspects of the purchase, from placing the order to receiving it at their warehouse.
  • Security: Use a trusted intermediary to handle sensitive payment information, providing an extra layer of security.

What is a Personal Shopper, and Why Do We Need One?

A personal shopper is a service offered by some package forwarding companies where a dedicated shopper helps you find and purchase items. This service is beneficial for:

  • Time-Saving: If you don’t have time to browse through multiple websites, a personal shopper can do it for you.
  • Expertise: Personal shoppers often have extensive knowledge of the market and can find the best deals or rare items.
  • Customization: They can tailor their searches to fit your specific preferences and requirements.


Package forwarding is a game-changer for online shoppers, expats, resellers, and even small businesses. It breaks down the barriers of international shopping, offering convenience, cost savings, and access to global markets. Whether you’re looking to buy items that aren’t available in your country, save on shipping costs, or simply enjoy a broader range of products, package forwarding services like proxy buying and personal shopping can make your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

Ready to elevate your shopping game? Explore the world of package forwarding and discover the endless possibilities it offers. Happy shopping!

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