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Reshipper and Forwarder. Your Secret Weapon for International reshipping.You’re an international shopper and you see that perfect online deal to die for – but the store doesn’t ship to your country. What a let down! But wait, don’t give up your dreams just yet. Have you heard of reshipping services? These virtual mailbox providers are like your own personal shopper and shipper rolled into one, giving you access to all those international stores that don’t deliver to your doorstep.


what does a Forwarder do ?

With reshipping, you can get a mailing address in another country, have your items delivered there, and then forwarded on to you for a fraction of what it would cost to ship directly. Keep reading to learn all about how reshippers can save you a bundle on shipping and open up a whole new world of online deals, no matter where you live.


A reshipper, also known as a mail forwarding service, provides you with a mailing address in a foreign country so you can shop from retailers that don’t ship internationally. Instead of shipping your items directly to you, the retailers will ship them to the reshipper’s address. The reshipper will then forward the package to your actual address.

Free Foreign Addresses

FORWARDERS provide you with a free mailing address in the country you want to shop from, whether it’s Italy, France, Spain or beyond. You use this address when you check out from retailers to have your items shipped. The reshipper will receive the packages on your behalf and notify you of their arrival.

Repackaging and Consolidation

Sometimes retailers will only ship domestically, so they aren’t set up to provide the customs forms and special packaging required for international shipping. Reshippers take care of this for you by repackaging your items for safe international travel and providing any necessary customs documentation. They can also consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment to save you money.


In addition to mail forwarding and repackaging, many package forwarders offer extra services like:
Free storage: If you want to accumulate multiple purchases before having them shipped, reshippers will store them for you for free for a certain period of time.


Just like regular reshipping services, parcel forwardersoffer insurance in case your package is lost or damaged during shipping. Returns: If you need to return an item to a retailer, the reshipper will handle shipping the item back for you. •

Benefits of Using a Mail Forwarding Service

A mail forwarding service offers several benefits for international shoppers. First, it provides you a convenient shipping address in the country you want to shop from. Rather than entering a foreign address and dealing with international shipping costs, you can ship items to a domestic address in that country that will then forward the packages on to you.

Save on Shipping

Using a mail forwarder eliminates the high international shipping fees you’d normally pay. The mail forwarder receives the items at their local address and ships them on to you for a fraction of the cost. They can also consolidate multiple packages into one shipment to save you even more. If you do a lot of shopping abroad, the savings can really add up over time.

Access Restricted Items

Some retailers don’t ship internationally or have restrictions on what they’ll ship outside their country. A mail forwarder gives you an address within that country, so as far as the retailer is concerned, you’re a domestic customer. This allows you to access items you couldn’t otherwise get shipped to you.

Proxy Shopping Services

Many mail forwarders offer additional services like proxy shopping. This means they can purchase items on your behalf that may be difficult for you to buy directly. They handle the entire transaction and shipping process for you. Some may even inspect and repackage items before forwarding them on. These services open up even more shopping opportunities.

Package Consolidation

Rather than dealing with multiple shipments and the hassle of receiving each item separately, a mail forwarder will consolidate all the packages from your various orders into one shipment. This makes the overall receiving and customs process much more convenient for you. Your items arrive together, already cleared through customs, saving you valuable time.

Using a reputable mail forwarding service is a great way for international shoppers to gain access to more products at lower shipping costs. The benefits of a convenient shipping address, reduced fees, proxy shopping, and package consolidation can save you a lot of time and money. It opens up a world of shopping opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable or too expensive for those living outside the country.

Tips for Using a Virtual Address Abroad

Tips for Using a Virtual Address Abroad
Choose a shopping forwarder With the Right Services
When selecting a parcel forwarding service, make sure they offer services that meet your needs. If you’re shipping expensive or fragile items, look for ones that provide insurance and handling with care. For frequent shoppers, find a reshipper that offers bundle rates or membership plans to save on costs.


Some package forwarding companies even provide “shop and ship” services, where they will purchase items on your behalf. This is perfect if a site doesn’t ship internationally or you have limited payment options.
Provide Complete and Accurate Information
Double check that the address and contact details you provide to the reshipper are correct. Include details like your full name, street address, city, zip or postal code, country, and phone number. Provide the reshipper with forms of ID to help verify your identity. The more information you can give them upfront, the smoother the shipping process will be.

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