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Trusted no1 best Personal Shopping Forwarder

The world is at your fingertips, and in this era of globalization, why should your shopping experience be any different? Get ready to broaden your horizons with our personal shopper assistance providing an incredible parcel forwarding service.

Trustd personal shopping forwarder with deliveringparcel in EU and USA .

Shop the World with Deliveringparcel

Introducing deliveringparcel, your trusted shopping forwarder from Europe. Now, you don’t have to worry about not being able to buy your favourite European brands due to geographical constraints. With us, you can shop at any online store in Europe and get your items shipped straight to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.

Seamless Shop and Ship

But there’s more – not only do we help you purchase items, but we also offer free storage for shop and ship. Yes, you read that right! We store your purchases free of charge until all your items are ready to be shipped. This way, we can consolidate all your shopping into one single shipment, saving you a substantial amount on shipping costs.

Save on Shipping With Deliveringparcel

Shipping internationally can often come with exorbitant costs that may make you rethink your purchase. But with deliveringparcel, you can put those worries aside. Our efficient consolidation and repackaging services ensure that you save on shipping costs significantly.

Your Virtual Address and Personal Shopping Assistant

In this era of online shopping and global commerce, the ease of buying products from different parts of the world has significantly increased. However, the process is often marred by high shipping costs, complex delivery procedures, and the unavailability of certain products in specific regions. This is where DeliveringParcel steps in.


DeliveringParcel is a unique platform that provides a virtual address across Europe and the USA, eliminating the barriers of international shipping. Alongside, they offer a custom tailored purchase assistance, a service that will revolutionize your shopping experience.

Your Virtual Address: Ship with Ease

DeliveringParcel’s virtual address service is like having your personal delivery address in Europe and the USA, irrespective of your actual location. This service allows you to:

  • Shop from any online store in Europe and the USA
  • Use your virtual address as the delivery address
  • Have your packages shipped to your virtual address
  • Repack and send your parcels to your actual location at affordable rates

Imagine the ease and convenience of shopping from your favorite international brands without worrying about the logistics of shipping.

Custom Tailored Purchase Assistance: Your Personal Shopping Assistant

Sometimes, certain products are unavailable in your region or the online store does not support international shipping. At other times, you may simply not have the time to shop. This is where DeliveringParcel’s ‘Buy for Me’ service comes in.

This service is like having your personal shopping assistant. They will:

  • Purchase your desired item for you
  • Handle payment procedures
  • Consolidate multiple packages into one to save on shipping costs
  • Ship the product to your doorstep

Shopping internationally has never been this easy!

Package Consolidation: Save on Shipping

One of the significant advantages of using DeliveringParcel is the ability to consolidate multiple packages into one. This means you can shop from multiple stores, have all your items delivered to your virtual address, and they will repack and send it as one package. This service significantly cuts down on your shipping costs.

Deliveringparcel is the best forwarder for shopping

DeliveringParcel is indeed a game-changer in the world of online shopping and international shipping. It combines a virtual address, purchase assistance, and package consolidation to make your shopping experience seamless and enjoyable. Say goodbye to the hurdles of international shipping and embrace the ease and convenience of DeliveringParcel.

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