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A reshipper, also known as a parcel forwarding service, is a company that provides a physical address in a specific country (such as the US,Spain,France, Germany, UK, Japan, etc.) for international shoppers to use for online shopping. When a customer makes a purchase from an online store that only ships within that country, the reshipper will receive the package at their local address and then forward it to the customer’s international address.

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Parcel Forwarders offer various services such as package consolidation, repackaging, storage options, and assistance with customs documentation. They help international shoppers access products from around the world that may not be available for direct shipping to their location. Reshippers also assist in saving on shipping costs through consolidation and potentially provide faster delivery options.


Overall, Package forwarding companies make international shopping more convenient and accessible by providing a bridge between online stores and customers in different countries.


While Package forwarders may offer convenience and access to products from around the world, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. One major concern is the risk of fraudulent reshipping services. Some reshippers may not have proper security measures in place, leading to the potential theft or loss of packages during the forwarding process.


Using a reshipper can sometimes result in higher shipping costs overall, as customers are not only paying for the initial shipping to the reshipper’s address but also for the forwarding service to their international location.

Furthermore, relying on package forwarding companies may lead to a lack of accountability in case of damaged or lost packages. Online stores may not be as willing to assist customers who use reshipping services, as the responsibility for the package’s condition and delivery may be unclear. This could result in frustrating experiences for customers who encounter issues with their orders.


while parcel forwarding service can provide a solution for international shoppers looking to access products from different countries, it’s essential to weigh the potential risks and costs associated with using these services. Customers should exercise caution and thoroughly research reputable reshipping companies to ensure a positive shopping experience.


Personal Address: When registering with a merchant, customers receive a unique personal or virtual address. This address is often in a different region or country to where the customer lives or shops.

Package pickup: Customers use their personal address when ordering products from online stores or receiving packages from friends or family. The sender receives these packages on behalf of the customer at the address provided by the customer.

Package handling: After receiving the packages, the forwarder may provide additional services such as inspection, assembly, repacking or storage of the packages, depending of the customer’s request. preferences and sender’s offers.

Shipping services: After processing the packages, the forwarder forwards them to the customer’s desired destination address. This can be the customer’s home address, office, or any other location specified by the customer.

Delivery options: parcel forwarders usually offer a variety of shipping options, including express shipping for urgent shipments and standard shipping for more cost-effective . options . Customers can choose the shipping method that best suits their needs and budget.

Tracking and Support: During the shipping process, customers have access to tracking information to track the status of their package. In addition, many merchants offer customer support to help with questions or problems..

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A reshipper, also known as a package forwarding service or mail forwarding service, is a company that provides a convenient solution for individuals and businesses to receive and forward packages from one address to another.

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